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The Ultimate VR Food Truck Odyssey Awaits!

Step into the bustling world of "Grill on Wheels". Navigate through vibrant cityscapes and immerse yourself in a culinary journey where every decision counts. Dive deep into this VR adventure and rise from a humble food truck chef to a culinary legend.


Strategize your daily tasks, from ingredient sourcing to kitchen layout, and feel the weight of every choice as the day unfolds. This solo odyssey challenges your managerial acumen and culinary skills. As orders pour in and the clock ticks away, will your strategies set you apart or will you crumble under pressure?

Adapt to the ever-changing demands of the city. From unpredictable weather to rare ingredients, the scale of the challenges with your growing reputation. "Grill on Wheels" isn't just a cooking game; it's a tale of ambition, choices, and the aroma of freshly grilled burgers. Embrace the grind, make strategic choices, and carve out your legacy in the food truck world!